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About Swirl + Sparkle {S + S}

Who is Marii Lang, Founder and President of Swirl + Sparkle {S + S}?


My family immigrated to the US from Vietnam when I was only 9 months. As a kid, we had to be very careful with money, and to make the best of everything we had. As an adult, I can now look back and appreciate the lessons-now-turned gifts that were instilled in me. This is why it is important to create a product that will last and use as little resources as possible.


I owe my DIY heart to my family. For my Senior High Prom, my Mom {Lily} made my dress that I got to design. And my wedding dress…oh, #nobigdeal, my Aunt Grace made it in less than a week (and then proceeded to make my two cousins/flower girls matching ones, too)! Yes, I definitely have some crafty blood running through these veins. Prior to Swirl + Sparkle {S + S}, I designed/sewed my own handbag line.


My DIY heart was searching for my next project, something beauty related that was all-natural and chemical free. It was around the same time, I felt the dread of washing my brushes creeping up on me. And – LIGHTBULB! A product that cleans make-up brushes must SURELY be just as important as any other beauty product. There is some truth to the saying: you’re only as good as your tools. So let’s give some love to our brushes, and they will give love back. {Spoiler alert: I have a feeling that this won’t be the first, or the last, of our all natural beauty products!}


I’m proud to say that Swirl + Sparkle {S + S} is the start of my journey of replacing beauty products with all natural + chemical free products. I know it’s not going to be an easy journey, but one that I’m willing to take.


Speaking of journeys, I’m so proud and excited to be on this particular journey with my #lifepartner of 17.5 years, who is now my #businesspartner, Bob! There’s no one I’d rather be on this ride with, than my #bffhubby!


What inspired the launch of Swirl + Sparkle {S + S}?


When the inevitable reality of how truly disgusting my brushes were *hit me in the face* one day, I decided to take some action and took to the Internet. Unfortunately, none of them worked for me, especially cleansers in liquid form. Until one day, I tried a solid cleanser. And WOW.


That’s when I fell in LOVE with the concept, but hated the execution. One of major dislikes was that in order to feel like the cleanser was working, I had to keep it under running water. Where were the bubbles? In my head, bubbles = clean {you know, bubbles in my shampoo, dishwashing soap, you name it}. I also couldn’t get over how much water AND product I was wasting, I was practically dumping it down the drain. No, thank you.


So, I set my mind to developing a formula that was gentle, all-natural, water-saving and convenient. Once I crossed that hurdle, I toyed around with different ways to make it even EASIER to clean my brushes + help motivate me to wash my brushes. That’s where the acrylic diamonds came to fruition. They also worked as a double agent: {a} a great scrubbing platform to get in between the bristles and really melt that make-up residue and {b} if a game of hunting for diamonds is not motivation enough, I don’t know what is!


And lastly, it’s safe to say that we all #getweakintheknees for cute packaging, designs and yummy scents. So it didn’t take long to get inspired and create over 10 different design variations. Each design is crafted to hold special meaning, whether it be collaboration with a fellow Instagrammer, or to simply celebrate a holiday/occasion.


Stay tuned for our SUPER special designs that we’ll be launching each month for Swirl + Sparkle {S + S} Gives Back!

About Swirl and Sparkle Makeup Brushes