Swirl and Sparkle | How to {S+S} | Swirl and Sparkle Makeup Brushes

How to Swirl + Sparkle {S + S}

A helpful way to think of how to use Swirl + Sparkle {S + S} is similar to how you would use a bar of soap, but better. When it is completely dry, it doesn’t do anything. Moisten it with some water, and swirl your filthy brush until it lathers. We highly recommend having a cup full of clean water within reach to soak your brush prior to swirling it into the product. This practice conserves both water and product.


Please note that the first time you Swirl + Sparkle {S + S}, it will take a little longer for it to lather, i.e. loosen up the gunk, so you may need to rinse and repeat a few times. Don’t be disheartened if there are no bubbles; it doesn’t mean that it’s not working. It just means that your brush needs more loving. Remember: the dirtier your brushes are, the less lather you get. You ultimately want to unleash those bubbles, so be patient—swirl and rinse, and the bubbles will come! Before you know it, that make-up gunk will start to melt off and {VOILA!} beautiful bubbles will be smiling up at you. Be sure not to waste those bubbles that you just worked SOOO hard to get (that are still in the cleanser)!!! Consequently, clean another brush to maximize those bubbles’ potential.


For the brushes that need some extra love, we can’t forget to mention our lovely {patent pending} sugar diamonds lid. The lid acts as an agitator for that deep down gunk. Think of it as the muscle that packs a powerful punch for those dense brushes that need it more than you realize. The good news is, once you have a routine down, you will never let them get that dirty again! 🙂


When it is time to rinse and there is no more color/product coming from your brushes, it means that they are clean and ready to be laid flat on a towel to air dry. You will notice that the drying time is much faster and your brush bristles will be revived, feel soft, and will look new again!


After you are done cleaning all of your pretty brushes, be sure to rinse off any residue from the cleanser and the sugar diamonds lid. Be sure both components are completely dry before putting the lid back on.