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Why Swirl + Sparkle {S + S}

Swirl + Sparkle {S + S} is an organic solid makeup brush cleanser that magically melts makeup residue, dead skin, oils and bacteria right off of your brushes. Think of it as shampoo for your brushes.


We are very proud to create a cleanser that conserves both water and product, so please DO NOT put Swirl + Sparkle {S + S} under running water. Who wants to watch your hard-earned money and resources go down the drain.


We know you’ll enjoy your journey towards the cleanest makeup brushes you’ve ever had! Beware, though— the chore of makeup brush cleansing may turn out to be a brush cleansing party!


Honestly, even if you don’t Swirl + Sparkle {S + S}, you SHOULD seriously consider routinely washing your makeup brushes.


Instead of recreating the wheel, here are some words of wisdom from one of our favorite blogs.

Jasmine Vargas Cleaning Makeup BrushesWhy It’s Important to Wash Brushes

by Jasmine Vargas, Classy Sassy & A Bit Smartassy


I have so many makeup brushes, but some of them I use daily or on other people when I do their makeup. I wash my brushes at least twice a week. I can’t stand seeing my brushes dirty. It’s so important to wash your makeup brushes at least once or twice a week. 


Here’s why it’s important to wash your brushes….


Acne // Putting bacteria and germs back onto your face with a sticky, dusty makeup brush can aggravate underlying skin conditions like acne. If you have an open sore, pore or cracked skin, bacteria can start an infection. You’ll be swapping the infection back and forth creating a never-ending cycle of breakouts. 


Changes of Color // If your makeup brushes are dirty, the intended shade will not appear on your skin as its true color. Also, blending and contouring your makeup for those dramatic effects will be difficult. You want your makeup to apply to your skin as smooth as porcelain. Dirty makeup brushes will leave your skin spotty. Not cute. 


Destroy Makeup Brushes // You may not think that leaving your brushes unclean will be bad but it is. It can destroy the bristles on your brush. Washing them leaves your brushes smooth and soft. You don’t want to destroy a $15-50 makeup brush. Not fun. 

Why Swirl and Sparkle Makeup Brushes